Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chase's 5th Birthday

We love a reason to put on a celebration. And Chase's 5th birthday was a perfect occasion.

He has caught the party planning bug too, and started flipping through the cookbooks weeks before to find a cake theme he liked. A castle was his pick.

A cake like this is a couple day project. First we baked the cakes. Distracted by baking with two kids, I forgot to add 8 cups of butter to the batter. Surprisingly though they tasted just fine. So, the 5 year olds got a low fat cake instead.

Then we made the icing and we were ready for assembly.

At this point I took over the project as two kids, pots of icing and bags of candy seems like a risky proposition.

The icing is proving a problem to deal with. It has a totally different consistency than when I make it in Canada, and after some tinkering I still end up with a gooey, runny iced cake. The strategy is to cover it with so much candy that the icing will take a back seat!

Charlie and I deliver the cake to Chase's class for morning "tea".

The brave teacher even let the kids have seconds! (They didn't seem to mind the missing butter or the droopy icing!)

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